Dear Readers

This report is edited and compiled in accordance with 2016 GRI standards issued by Global Reporting Initiative, the content of it is prepared based on the “comprehensive” options plus the international guidelines and standards including Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) index, UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guideline. Furthermore, this report has passed Taiwan SGS External Assurance Statement and complied with the third party Type 1 moderate assurance of AA1000 AS 2008, for providing reliable public information to readers.

Special Remark

The preparation of this report is based on the principle of practically presenting the business of Asia Cement and responding to the issues concerned by many, plus demonstrating the economic, social and environmental efforts put in by the Company. In this year’s report, we specifically present the results and planning of the issues concerned by the stakeholders, including the sustainable mining mountain, Cement 4.0, circular economy, sustainable soical care and sustainable environmental education, with the hope of showing our mindful effort devoted in the sustainable issues to our stakeholders.

Scope of Report

This report covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016. It mainly provides the enterprise sustainable management and performance information of Asia Cement’s major operation sites. The physical operating companies disclosed include Ya Tung Ready-Mixed Concrete, Yuan Long Stainless Steel, Ya Li Precast Prestressed, Nanhwa Cement, Chiahui Power and Fu Ming(Da) Transport. The financial statement is published after being audited by the certified public accountant, parts of the figures are quoted from the Annual Report, government sectors, and the public information disclosed on the relevant websites, they are presented in the conventional manner of describing texts and values. Exceptions will be explained in the content of the report.
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