Anti-Corruption and Reporting Channels

Anti-Corruption Management

Asia Cement officially adopted the " Anti-Corruption Policy " at the board of directors, demonstrating a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption. This serves as the commitment and foundation for implementing various anti-corruption measures.
The President leads Asia Cement's anti-corruption efforts, with the Secretarial Department serving as the dedicated unit for this purpose. To ensure the continued effectiveness of our anti-corruption management system, the leadership conducts an annual review and reports to the board.Please refer to the "Asia Cement ESG Website" for specific implementation guidelines and details.

Reporting and Dealing with Illegal and Unethical or Dishonest Behavior

Asia Cement Corporation has established the "Regulations for Reporting Unethical Conduct and Carrying out Investigation" to encourage employees, customers, suppliers, and external individuals to report, in good faith, any suspected or actual illegal, unethical, dishonest, or corruption-related activities, or violations with a reasonable belief of exploiting weaknesses in the anti-corruption management system. Reports can be submitted verbally, via email, or in writing to the Audit Committee, department heads, HR at plants, the Corporate Governance Office, or directly to the designated reporting authority.

  • • Acceptance department

Comprising the Secretarial and Audit Department, responsible for receiving reports through various channels, forwarding information to the case investigation team, and tracking the progress of case resolution.
• Investigation team
Supervised by the Audit Committee and Audit Department head, they handle and investigate reported incidents, then prepare confidential written reports for substantiated cases, delivering them to the relevant parties.

Commitment to protecting whistleblowers from retaliation

The Company shall keep the identity of the whistleblower and the content of the report confidential and shall ensure non-retaliation and that the whistleblower is not improperly disposed due to the report. In addition, the Company has published an 'Independent Reporting Mailbox,' a 'Reporting Hotline,' and an 'Anti-Corruption Reporting Form' on the company's website and internal portal. The whistleblower should fill out the attached "Anti-Corruption Reporting Form" and provide specific evidence.

Reporting hotline:02-27338000 # 8195