Asia Cement Ecological Park

Since the opening of Asia Cement Ecological Park in 2013, it has been the largest privately-run butterfly ecological park in Taiwan. There are 35 species of frequently found butterflies, among which the rarest one is troides aeacus formosanus, a national second-level protected butterfly. As the protected species are not allowed for confinement rearing, Asia Cement Ecological Park is designed and operated as an open and natural habitat. Many types of herbivorous plant for larvae are intensively planted in it. The growth of larvae is carefully observed and maintained to provide a suitable habitat for troides aeacus formosanus. Some troides aeacus formosanus could be frequently seen flying freely in the park.

In 2018, a butterfly breeding room was established in the park to collect species and breed according to the environment loading capability of the park. Hence, the butterflies in the park can be more comfortable and happy. In addition to butterflies, a stick insect demonstration area was added in the park in 2018 to extend the space for stick insects and to offer a better visiting experience for the public.

Asia Cement took a further step to build a native plant garden including up to 250 types of plants mostly lauraceae and fagaceae, the species cover the plants from sea level to 3,000-meter high mountain. In addition, it adopted the scientific way of plant taxonomy to plant different species in separate zones by their family and genus. Hence, it is convenient to observe the differences of features of various plants. For the general public who intend to learn the native plants in Taiwan, offshore islands and different altitude, the Ecological Park provides a very good free learning and observation area.

The Asia Cement Ecological Park is the best place for providing environmental education. Free visits and professional guide are offered to community residents and general public. In addition, official website of eco-park has been created by Asia Cement to offer reservation services, visiting stories, and database of butterflies, stick insects and plants, complete and free ecological lecturing materials.

Asia Cement Ecological Park website:

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