Butterfly Conservation

Our company so emphasizes the environmental conservation, then we have been establishing the preservation area of butterfly in Hualian’s plant since 2004. There are several races of plants, like bee plants.

While you are walking in the alley of the butterfly preservation area, you will be so surprised seeing over 35 races of butterfly, including Triodes abacus, Papilio polytes, Idea leuconoe, Hebomoia glaucippe and so on. Each vistor is very impressed by this butterfly area around cement plant.

01 envir butterfly

Native of Plant

Based on more thirty-years experiences in landscaping with plants, therefore, we restructured the plantation beside the Hualian plant, which called ”Asia Cement Plantation”— planting the various native green plants.

The plantation is located by Hualian plant which covers. 10,000 square meters , from 2004. There are more than 417 kinds of plants, and we still keep planting more plants. Additionally, the plantation is zoned for different concepts and specific areas, like Pteridology, Herb, Fruit, Butterfly Ecology. The purpose of that is to provide people a plantation with plants research, natural education, relaxation and conservation. People can see native plants without taking long trip to beach and montains.

02 envir butterfly