Here is our organization chart:
organize13Company Organization with Functions of Risk Management

DepartmentPrimary Functions
Auditing Dept. Directly report to the Board of Directors. Major duties: 1.Fair presentation of the financial reports, 2.The hiring (and dismissal), independence, and performance of CPA, 3.The effective implementation of the internal control system, 4.Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and 5.Management of the existing or potential risks.
Remuneration Committee Directly report to the Board of Directors. Prescribe and periodically review the performance and remuneration policy for directors and managerial officers.
Sustainability Committee Directly report to the Board of Directors. In charge of the guidance of promoting corporate sustainability and the supervision of implementing corporate sustainability policy, systems or related management principles, and periodically reporting to Board of Directors regarding the status of progression.
Assist ACC President to deal with daily affairs, plan operation strategies, and review the middle-term and long-term investment to reduce the risks resulting from improper decisions.
HR Dept. Plan and implement human resource policies to reduce relevant risks.
Sustainability Implementation Committee Responsible for 1. Comply and disclose the information of corporate sustainability. 2. Plan and implement the corporate sustainability program. 3. Collect and submit the information of external assessment on corporate sustainability.
Credit Committee Execute “Regulations for Managing Client’s Credit” enacted by the Company and take charge of risk control of account receivable.
Human Resource Committee Review and advice to modify the Company’s organization structure, rules of personnel management, and other important human resource matters.
Information Operations and Security Committee Review all affairs relating to information operation system, office automation, internal and external website applications and information security to the needs of operation, management and provide strategy to prevent the risk of information security and its efficiency.
Secretarial Dept. Handle the affairs of general services, secretary, legal affairs, public relations, etc. Reinforce legal sense of employees to decrease the risks of violating law.
Occupational Safety Office Responsible for occupational safety and health management, formulating policies and supervising related affairs to ensure safety of workers and reduce the risk and loss of occupational hazards.
Accounting Dept. Handle all accounting matters including the costs, accounts, taxation to ensure management efficiency of the Company’s operation, the reliability of financial report, and the adherence of related accounting regulations to reduce company operation risks.
Finance Dept. Responsible for financial operation strategy, investment strategy, financial management, and dividend strategy, as well as investor relationship in order to minimize financial exposure, uphold financial opportunity and maximize shareholders’ best interest.
Domestic Sales Dept. Plan and implement domestic marketing strategy, credit customers, and identify market trends to achieve business goals and reduce relevant risks.
Export Sales Dept. Plan and implement oversea marketing strategy, credit customers, and identify market trends to achieve business goals and reduce relevant risks.
Purchasing Dept. Handle all purchasing and contract issuing matters, setting up hedging mechanism to cope with changes in raw materials prices and shortage of raw materials supply.
Hsinchu Plant / Hualien Plant Take charge of R&D, production technology, quality control, planning production policies in collaboration with sales strategies to reduce production risks.