TitleNameOther Title
President Kun Yen Lee Director, U-Ming Marine Transport Corp.
Executive Vice President Doris Wu Supervisor,Oriental Union Chemical Corp.
Vice President C.M. Chen Director,Nan Hwa Cement Corp.
Vice President W.K. Chou Supervisor,Pan Asia Corporation
General Plant Manager Z.P. Chang Supervisor,U-Ming Marine Transport Corp
Vice President T.L. Yu Director,Yu Yuan Investment Co., Ltd
Deputy Chief Auditor W.H. Yeh Supervisor,Nan Hwa Cement Corp.
Special Assistant of President Office T.M. Chen Director,Yu Yuan Investment Co., Ltd
Manager of Secretarial Dept. Manfred Wang Director,Fu Shan Mineral Stone Co., Ltd.
Assistant Vice President of Accounting Dept H.Y. Kao Supervisor, Asia Investment Co., Ltd
Assistant Vice President of Finance Dept. Dana Lee Supervisor, Ya Li Transportation Corp.
Assistant Vice President of Finance Dept. Karen Yang Supervisor, Der Ching Investment Corp.
Manager of Domestic Sales Dept. C.H. Chung Director, China Hi-Ment Corporation
Manager of Export Sales Dept. Gary Lee Director, Ya Li Precast Concrete India Pvt. Ltd
Manager of the Hsinchu Plant C.H Chuang --
*There is no manager holding shares in the name of another person.
*Managers are spouse or within second- degree of consanguinity to each other: None.
*No manager worked for the Company’s Auditor, Deloitte & Touche, and/or its affiliates.