A major part of manufacturing cement is to deal with dust. The creation of dust causes not only air pollution but loss of production as well. Our company has been putting considerable emphases on the performances of dust-collection, consistently introducing the most advanced facilities to the new plants established. So far our Hualien Plant has been equipped with nine electro-static precipitators and seventy-five bag filters, worth over NT$950 million.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities, which perform an outstanding job in collecting dust, the amount of dust emitted is all within the range of legal regulations, enabling the quality of air around the plant sites far above the national standards. The Hualien Plant, above all, has been tested by environmental protection authorities that the amount of dust emitted from the plant’s chimneys is below 25 mg per normal cubic meter, far below the government-imposed ceiling. Such outstanding performances have made the Hualien Plant selected by the Chinese National Federation of Industries as one of the nation’s exemplary plants in terms of preventing industrial pollution, awarded by the Environmental Protection Administration as one of the ten major distinguished plants in terms of pollution prevention, and a remarkable winner of Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards in three consecutive years.
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