Asia Cement Receives Sixth International Award

Occupational Safety and Health Management Recognized

Asia Cement Corporation (Asia Cement) was recognized by the Health Promotion Award at the 2024 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) held in Vietnam on June 28. This marks the company's sixth time receiving an AREA award. The company is recognized for its unwavering commitment to employee safety and health.

"At Asia Cement, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, and this recognition from AREA is a testament to our ongoing efforts to foster a safe and healthy work environment," said Lee, Kun-Yen, President, Asia Cement. "We will continue to invest in enhancing our occupational safety and health management practices and implementation of employee health initiatives to ensure that every employee can work in a secured and supportive environment."

AREA is widely regarded as one of Asia's most prestigious CSR awards. Asia Cement is recognized with the project, " PROMOTE THE WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY SYSTEM AND IMPLEMENT WORKPLACE WELL-BEING." Asia Cement has pegged compensation of senior executives with indicators relating to performance of occupational safety and health. It has also implemented ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System across all its sites and subsidiaries in Taiwan, with a coverage of 100% verified by third-party.

As the only cement company in Taiwan to pass the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Performance Review by Ministry of Labor, Asia Cement has played a leading role in promoting occupational safety and health practices among its peers and downstream ready-mix concrete plants through its Safety Partner Program. In 2023, participants in the program experienced a 75% reduction in lost-time injury frequency, a 98% reduction in lost-time injury severity, and a 67% reduction in total injury index.

Embracing the AI era, Asia Cement established a smart occupational safety platform years ago to implement technology-enabled disaster prevention and real-time management. This includes using the latest technology such as biometric identification for personnel entry and exit, access control for specific work areas and on-site patrol check-points to enhance overall safety. The company has also developed innovative protective equipment, including ascending air duct protective work platforms, cement rotary kiln protective shields, and automatic reset barriers. Application of these technologies effectively reduce risk of occupational safety and health and enable the timely detection and elimination of potential hazards. Asia Cement emphasizes that it will continue to develop smart occupational safety and health technologies to safeguard employee safety and well-being.

Recognizing the importance of employee health, Asia Cement provides free medical check-ups with scope above mandatory requirements. It also regularly invites occupational medicine specialists and professional nurses to the company to provide on-site health consultations. Additionally, the company organizes activities to promote employee health, including weight loss training classes, sports clubs activities, mental health lectures, and employee assistance programs. Asia Cement believes that healthy employees are its most valuable asset. Through these comprehensive programs, the company aims to enhance employee well-being, establish a benchmark for corporate social responsibility, and continuously innovate to create a better work environment for its employees. It is committed to giving back to society through practical actions and promoting sustainable development.
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