Asia Cement Corporation (1102) Holds the 2024 Annual Shareholders' Meeting: EPS NT$3.28, 4.7% Dividend Yield

Asia Cement Corporation (1102) held its 2024 annual shareholders' meeting today (June 25th). The report showed an EPS of NT$3.28 for the year and approved a cash dividend of NT$2.1 per share, resulting in a 4.7% dividend yield. Since its listing, Asia Cement has achieved 62 consecutive years of profitability and has distributed dividends for 39 consecutive years since 1984, totaling over NT$60. For six consecutive years, profits have exceeded NT$10 billion annually, with EPS consistently above NT$3 and above NT$2 since 2019.

Asia Cement has been dedicated to the cement industry for 67 years, focusing on environmental protection and carbon reduction. It is one of the pioneers in mine greening and eco-friendly production. The company has committed to setting carbon reduction targets, developing low-carbon cement, eco-friendly concrete, and green building materials, achieving a carbon reduction rate of 12-42%. With over a decade of experience in low-carbon cement sales, Asia Cement has innovatively developed ternary blended cement, reducing carbon emissions by 46%, positioning itself as a leader in eco-friendly building materials.

With its outstanding ESG performance, Asia Cement was selected for the 2024 S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook, ranking among the top 15% of cement companies worldwide. It also achieved the highest score among Taiwanese building materials companies.

Asia Cement has invested in Chiahui Power, the largest private power company. Chiahui Power uses natural gas, which is more environmentally friendly than coal, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. With an annual generation capacity of 1.21 million kW, it supplies electricity to 1.2 million households, creating reasonable profits for shareholders while supporting Taiwan's power supply and economic development.

Additionally, Asia Cement holds equity in several companies under the Far Eastern Group and engages in strategic and financial investments, generating stable profits.

Chairman of Asia Cement, Hsu Hsu-Tung, is regarded as a stable and reliable innovator in traditional industries. He promotes a three-pronged development strategy focusing on cement, non-cement, and investments, achieving a balanced transformation and development of the company while pursuing sustainability and profitability.
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