Inspired by Asia Cement Documentary Festival  

Children Learn the Beauty of Life from the Land 

In the new year of 2024, Asia Cement once again partners with the renowned documentary production team "Spot-Link Cinema" to organize the "Inspiration of Life Film Festival" at five elementary schools in Sin Cheng Township and Shlin Township, Hualien County. The objective is to enrich the life experiences of local children, inspire them to foster imagination and build right values through immersion of the documentary films. The initiative is in line with Asia Cement's enduring commitment to promote neighborly bonds and mutual prosperity.

The featured film is one episode of the award-winning TV documentary series "Call Me Wild Child” Season 2. It won the Golden Bell Award for Best Children's Program last year. In this episode, titled "Zoo in My Home - Building a Stove,” one of the protagonists, Peter, is an American who put down roots in Taiwan several years ago. He embodies the concept of "continuous vitality," appreciates the value of the land and creates a dynamic circulation symbiosis. In the film, Peter and two young girls engage in profound interactions with the land and animals through "construction practice" in a primitive natural environment in A'tolan, Taitung. It inspires creativity among children and helps them learn problem-solving skills. It also shows the deep affection that foreigners hold for Taiwan and emphasizes the importance of cherishing our own thriving land.

 Throughout the event, students and teachers are enthusiastic and give a lot of feedbacks. One student remarks, ”The children in the film name those chicken and prepare a feast for them.  It shows that we can be so close to animals. It's truly admirable!” Another student mentions that it is full of joy to learn to make creative gifts for friends by using natural materials. The feedback also highlights an awareness of being part of nature and the importance of making good use of resources without waste. Principal Huang Lihua of Sin Cheng Elementary expresses gratitude to Asia Cement for providing the children with such an opportunity to watch these educational and meaningful films just before the winter break. 

 Mr. Tsai Yuchi, Public Relations Manager at Asia Cement, states that the sponsorship is meaningful as long as it is helpful to students and brings joy to them. He assures that the company's investment in educational resources will continue. Asia Cement will keep promoting meaningful projects and activities that offer rural children a broader vision of life and help them to learn to love oneself, respect life and develop more compassion and kindness in their childhood.

  This marks the third consecutive semester that Aaia Cement supports the documentary films screenings. Over 350 students and teachers participate the three-day event. Besides film viewing, there are discussions and practical activities for students to engage in, to get the intended messages of every film,  and to achieve the goal of combining education with entertainment.