Asia Cement Won Sustainable Excellence Award Again, Firmly Embedding ESG Principles in its Business Philosophy

The 2023 Global and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards took place on the 15th, and Asia Cement Company (ACC) once again achieved remarkable success, securing six major awards, including the Top 100 Sustainable Model Enterprises Award, Platinum Prize for Sustainability Reporting, Leadership Award in Circular Economy, and Workplace Well-being Leadership Award at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Additionally, ACC received the Excellent Performance Case Award and Bronze Medal for Sustainability Reporting at the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA). Lee Kun-yen, the President of ACC, attending the award ceremony, emphasized ACC's commitment to advancing sustainable governance, combating corruption, and contributing positively to business operations. ACC not only takes responsibility for each stakeholder but also dedicate to harmoniously coexist with the environment, society, and the land. ACC remains steadfast in its dedication to being the preferred partner for a sustainable green homeland.

In the phase of the global industry's shifting from stringent carbon pressures to increasing carbon concerns, Asia Cement's footprint in the low-carbon business has long been hailed as a model for green transformation. As the first company in Taiwan to research, produce, and sell low-carbon cement, Asia Cement has devoted itself to its core business, leveraging the high-temperature cement rotary kiln process to successfully drive circular economy practices. For example, in 2022, the company reduced the usage of natural raw materials and fuels by 339,000 tons and diminished waste landfill and incineration by 367,000 tons, resulting in an overall emissions reduction of 95,125 tons of CO2e. Asia Cement has also fortified its carbon management by instituting an internal carbon price of NT$216 per ton. Through collaborations with domestic and international academic research institutions, the company has pioneered negative carbon technologies. In collaboration with its Yatung Ready-mixed Concrete industry chain, Asia Cement has produced negative carbon recycled aggregates or auxiliary binding materials, all while setting phased carbon capture targets. Regarding environmental management, the company has achieved an 86% water resource recycling rate and a 98% waste recycling rate. Notably, it reached a remarkable 100% reduction in air pollution emissions, meeting annual reduction targets. Committed to SBTi scientific carbon reduction goals, Asia Cement achieved an emission intensity of 839 per ton of cementitious materials last year, with an average annual decrease of 1.46%. This year, it not only met targets ahead of schedule but also accomplished 70% of the 2025 carbon reduction target, earning recognition from the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation as an industry leader in carbon reduction achievements.

Asia Cement actively fosters a secure, healthy, and contented work environment, boasting an extensive and ongoing talent training program, instituting a comprehensive welfare system, and diligently adhering to human rights due diligence. In the realm of occupational health and safety management, the company has achieved six consecutive years without significant occupational accidents, accomplishing zero occupational accidents last year. Furthermore, all of its subsidiaries have obtained ISO 45001 accreditation, spreading safety awareness across the value chain and contractors. Asia Cement also spearheads the Taiwan Cement Manufacturers’ Association's Safety Partner Project, establishing a systematic safety protection network through on-site coaching. Asia Cement obtained ISO 37001 accreditation this year, with all directors and employees endorsing the "Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy Statement." In terms of performance, the company has been included in the Taiwan Sustainability Index constituents, achieved profits exceeding NT$10 billion for five consecutive years, distributed cash dividends of NT$2.3, and maintained a yield rate of 5.3%, continually creating value for investors.

Asia Cement emphasizes that it will not merely rest on its laurels with business success but instead aims to be a leader in sustainability. This commitment is not only a responsibility but a pledge. In the future, the company will persist in embracing the principles of sustainable development, influencing the entire industry chain, making unwavering efforts on the path of sustainability, and advancing towards a tomorrow marked by greener production and a more eco-friendly environment.