Asis Cement Promotes DEI  
Unceasing Love, Starting with Caring for the Elderly  

On the day of the Winter Solstice, the head of Human Resources at Asia Cement and staff from the Kindred Plus Philanthropic Foundation of Taipei visited the home of former employee who had retired for years with gift. The reunion was filled with hugs and handshakes. Small talk topics emerged one after another as everyone updated each other on life details, as if time had reversed.

Asia Cement focuses on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), valuing equality, diversity, and inclusion, leaving no employee overlooked and include their family member as part of Asia Cement. Collaborating with the Kindred Plus Philanthropic Foundation of Taipei on the "Employee ESG Benefit Project for Senior Citizens," Asia Cement addresses the issue of aging in workforce. The company has specially designed a rich aging life for parents of current staff, staffs approaching retirement, or those already retired. The Kindred Plus Philanthropic Foundation of Taipei, with its long-term commitment to elderly issues, provides regular visits and companionship. They invite aging life planning experts with background in counseling to offer consultation covering health, diet, and financial planning. Through coordination with relevant institutions, the foundation ensures that each senior citizen receives the most thoughtful care. Yu Tung-lin, Vice President of Asia Cement, expressed that employees are the company's most precious assets. Asia Cement extends care from the workplace to the employees' families, providing comprehensive care through a series of activities for aging relatives, staffs approaching retirement or already retired. This is the example of fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and a heartwarming journey.

To allow employees achieve balance between work and life, Asia Cement actively constructs a comprehensive benefit scheme and adjusts periodically based on employees' needs. They recently launched the "Employee Emergency Assistance Loan Program," offering interest-free loans to colleagues who have been in service for more than a year and are facing emergencies. This program temporarily takes away their financial pressure in situations such as illness, funeral arrangements for family members, unexpected accidents or disasters, and other special predicaments. Asia Cement emphasizes that the company is always the strongest support for its employees, ensuring they never feel alone during difficult times. The company will continue to expand coverage of benefit scheme in the future, as a persistence for the value of the Company. Through annual surveys of dedication and satisfaction, Asia Cement treats employee care as corporate culture, hoping to take care of every employee.

Asia Cement also encourages employees to participate in various charitable events, contribute to the community, and fulfill corporate responsibilities as responsible citizens. Therefore, they have introduced the "Pay-to-leave Policy for Volunteering Service" allowing employees to enjoy paid leave for volunteering service three days per year. Everyone is eligible for whether participating in company-sponsored charity events or government-certified charitable activities. Asia Cement is dedicated to community charitable activities, with employees involved in activities like remote study partner for rural students, participating in beach cleanups, donating prize for charity sports to help less-privileged groups. The company hopes that this special form of pay-to-leave will help the Company and employees to foster a warmer society, spreading love to every corner of the community.