A Happy Workplace is Here! Asia Cement Receives Gold Award Recognition

Asia Cement has been committed to creating a happy workplace comprehensively, sparing no effort. On the 17th, it was honored with the 2023 Happiness Enterprise Gold Award by 1111 Job Bank. Asia Cement stated that the competition was extremely fierce, with over 3,200 companies participating. After going through the preliminary selection, online voting, and secret customer evaluations, Asia Cement stood out, demonstrating widespread recognition of the company's corporate culture. Asia Cement emphasizes that it will continue its efforts to create a positive, flexible, and friendly workplace environment in the future. The company will collaborate with all colleagues, embrace challenges, welcome opportunities, and collectively create a better tomorrow.

 Asia Cement provides generous compensation and benefits, including starting salaries above industry standards and a comprehensive promotion system. They also establish bonus systems based on employee performance, overall company profits, and incentives for energy conservation. Furthermore, they consider the needs of employees, providing group insurance covering life, accidents, and illnesses, as well as insurance for employees' families. Additionally, the company offers support for child birth and education, implements an employee stock trust program lasting twenty-five years, and provides various diverse benefits such as employee assistance programs, travel subsidies, and support for various clubs. This ensures that all employees deeply understand that the company is a strong support. Asia Cement also adheres to the philosophy that "investing in employee health yields the greatest profits for the company." They conduct free health check-ups that surpass regulatory requirements, organize various fitness activities, offer first aid training and health seminars, and regularly invite dedicated healthcare professionals for consultations. This year, Asia Cement organized the "Ten Thousand Steps a Day, Health Guaranteed" activity, and within two months, nearly three hundred participants collectively achieved a total step count of approximately 170 million steps, covering a distance of around 1,250 kilometers, almost equivalent to circling the Earth 3.05 times.

 Asia Cement is committed to shaping a safe and healthy organizational culture, striving for a zero-accident work environment. All operational sites have adopted ISO 45001 and implemented a smart occupational safety and health management system, including biometric control for contractors' access, controlled access to specific construction areas, and scheduled site inspections. These measures enhance the real-time management of intelligent occupational safety. Achieving a record of no significant occupational accidents throughout 2022 and once again receiving recognition from the Ministry of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration for being among the top 10% in occupational health and safety standards, Asia Cement stands as the sole cement company on this list.

Furthermore, Asia Cement values social inclusivity and actively contributes to community development. In addition to adhering to the FPIC (Free, Prior, and Informed Consent) principle and securing consent through indigenous consultations, the company implements the "10+11" benefit-sharing mechanism. It also provides stable job opportunities for indigenous people, surpassing legal employment quotas. For example, in 2022, the proportion of indigenous employees at the Hualien plant reached 33%, earning special recognition from the Commission of Indigenous Peoples for exceeding indigenous employment quotas. Asia Cement reaffirms that social responsibility is one of the company's core values, and it will continuously work towards fostering a warm and inclusive family-like environment for all employees. Here, everyone has their space and value, and Asia Cement is dedicated to providing substantial support for the dreams of all employees.