Discover the Taroko Mountain Market at FarEastern SOGO in Taipei

Handcraft, delicacies, must and dance of original taste

Hand in hand, everyone danced to the tune of the "Chant of Gratitude," marking the opening of this culturally rich bazzar extravaganza with authentic flavor.

Organized by Asia Cement Corporation, the "Taroko Mountain Market " event started on October 7th and ran for three consecutive days at the plaza adjacent to the Far Eastern SOGO Department Store's Taipei Fuxing branch. It brought together nearly twenty local businesses and performance groups from the alang Bsngan in SHLIN Township, Hualien County. This provided people in the bustling city, amidst the consecutive holidays, an opportunity to experience the culture of the Taroko Tribe, listen to indigenous traditional melodies, and feel as if they were immersed in the picturesque landscapes of Hualien.

Lee Kun-yen, President of Asia Cement, said that the friends from the alang Bsngan are good neighbors to Asia Cement's Hualien factory and are also the main focus of this event. They possess the precious treasures of Taroko Tribe's traditional culture. These valuable assets should not be hidden away in remote villages; they should have the opportunity to grace a wider stage for more people to appreciate. Sophia C.W. Huang, Chairperson of Far Eastern SOGO Department Store, praised the significance of this event, stating, "For five consecutive years, Far Eastern SOGO has hosted Taiwan's largest-scale small farmer and indigenous exhibitions, providing a good opportunity for local farmers to connect with customers. With Asia Cement's involvement this time, we bring forth the Hualien authentic tribal crafts, food, music, dance, and tourism to northern Taiwan. We wholeheartedly support this initiative and leverage Far Eastern SOGO's network influence."

At the end of last year, Asia Cement held the "Taroko Mountain Market" event for the first time in Hualien, attracting over 600 visitors and receiving continuous positive feedback. This year, the event expanded in scale and relocated to Taipei. The venue showcased the age-old craft of bamboo weaving, a vibrant array of woven fabric works, a diverse range of handmade pottery, and boldly expressive wood carvings – all the traditions and practices were passed down through generations. The market was complete with the essential local spices that added a finishing touch to the delicious food and beverages. There were also organically certified agricultural products promoting health and toxin-free consumption. Each afternoon featured three performances of Taroko Tribe songs and opportunities for traditional instrument playing experiences. Many visitors found it fascinating to try playing the wooden xylophone for the first time, marveling at how a few pieces of wood could produce such clear and melodious tunes, exclaiming how enjoyable it was.

The event attracted a diverse crowd, from those with a deep appreciation for indigenous-style handicrafts to families who simply stumbled upon the lively atmosphere and decided to pause to experience tribal snacks while enjoying the song and dance performances. Even overseas tourists, after exploring Taipei's East District, were pleasantly surprised to discover this event abundant with cultural heritage and remarked 'Taiwan's indigenous people are incredibly warm and full of energy.'

Asia Cement emphasized that this market did not impose any fees on vendors. All proceeds generated during the event, as well as the benefits accrued from tourism promotion, were entirely directed towards the vendors from the tribe and the alang Bsngan. This reflects Asia Cement deep respect for and support of indigenous culture, with the aim of perpetuating the vitality of the local community, fostering coexistence and prosperity between businesses and tribes, and jointly contributing to the preservation of indigenous culture.
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