Asia Cement in Collaboration with Motivates Children of Rural Community to Explore Potentials in Self-expression

 From Cement Plant to Streaming Studio. Live Streamer of Various Talents Give Lectures. All We Want is Lang-Ni Show

"1234, 1234, follow my lead and jump. Heels off the ground. That’s right!”With the guidance of Whitney (卉妮), a cheerleader of Rakuten Girls for the CPBL team Rakuten Monkeys, nearly thirty junior high school students enjoyed learning the dance moves of cheerleading. Everyone was in high spirits. This scene of excitement and enthusiasm did not take place in a dance studio, but in the grand hall of Asia Cement Hualien Plant instead. Asia Cement partnered with the Lang Charity Foundation to organize the “Lang-Ni SHOW” live streaming camp for public welfare in hope to offer children in rural communities more opportunities to learn how to express themselves and enhance communication skills. LANG LIVE has a strong line-up of live stream performers and professional production teams. Live streamers with unique talents were invited to instruct in Hualien. Through entertaining and teaching, they guided the children to explore their potentials, inspired them to express and enhance their learning ability and digital skills.

The two-day camp invited five streamers to acquaint the children with live streaming through a series of entertaining activities which allowed them to understand, engage in, and experience the world of live streaming. Whitney, the Rakuten Girl, in her cheerleading uniform, caught the children' eyes. They watched with rapt attention as she shared her happiness and bitterness of being a cheerleader, how she challenged herself to be on the field and support the team, and how she mastered the art of interacting with fans through live streaming. The response was nothing short of fervent questions beyond anticipation. Live streamer "General" specializes in painting. He introduced live streaming as he walked into he crowd and conjured up a vivid sketch of a butterfly from the Asia Cement Eco Park, leaving the children watched in amazement. Live performer “Guo Bao” and vocalist Kirki (紀儀羚) strummed their guitars and lead the group to sing and dance to the tune of “Rice Field.” The graceful dulcimer player “Kai Le” enraptured everyone with a soul-stirring rendition of “Lonely Warrior”

Through the streamers' enlightening performances, the children learned to initiate their own live streams on their mobile devices. Each presented a two-minute showcase of content of their own interest. It was a challenging task for those who were unfamiliar with the concept of live streaming. Some took to the floor and danced freely, others combined their performances with real-time messaging. There were even those who found themselves speechless during streaming but were still able to show their excellent football moves. Each participant displayed remarkable courage as they took center stage before the camera and showed themselves. The event ended with Mr. Tsai, Yu-chi, PR Manager of Asia Cement, presented prizes to six exceptional participants. He encouraged the children not to be afraid of live streaming, not to be shy in front of the camera, just express oneself without feeling awkward and not be afraid of making mistakes. "Those who choose to watch your live stream already like you.”

Ma, Yung-Rui, Chairman of Lang Charity Foundation, encouraged the students that live streaming is like the football they love. If you are nerves on the field, you will not be able to play well. Athletes play in the Universiade always want to win. “Maintain the mindset of winning victory and being confident. After this camp, I trust you’ll stand with confidence before the camera.”

The students eagerly shared their thoughts on the two-day event. To them, the camp was an enchanting experience that allowed them to be familiar with the know-how and the equipment of live streaming. Numerous participants said that the most important thing they learned was the art of confidently showcasing personal strengths, overcoming insecurities triggered by what other people might say, and persevering to the end. Many revealed their eagerness to try live streaming. They hope to show a more resplendent version of themselves by expressing themselves on self-media.

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