The Benchmark of Happy Enterprise, Asia Cement Honored 4 Grand Prizes of HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 Awards

HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Taiwan 2023 awards have been announced on July 20th. Asia Cement has outperformed its previous records by winning in all four categories. It has won the top honor “Best Companies to Work for in Asia", “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award", "Digital Transformation Award," and “Most Caring Company Award.” Mr. Lee Kun-yen, President of Asia Cement, said that winning the award for three consecutive years is not only a glorious mark for all our employees, but also an affirmation of the company culture of Asia Cement. Asia Cement will continue to construct an active, flexible, and friendly workplace environment, allowing all colleagues to develop their potential, create values, and collectively embrace the challenges and opportunities of the new era.

The Best Companies to Work for in Asia Taiwan 2023 awards are organized by the well-known human resources magazine "HR Asia," one of the most authoritative awards in the field of human resource management in Asia-Pacific region. This year's theme focuses on diversity and inclusion. Asia Cement highlights the fact that each employee comes from different backgrounds, holds versatile perspectives, and creates unique values. We build an open and inclusive work environment where employees are treated fairly, regardless of race, class, language, religion, or nationality. Take the indigenous people for example. They account for only 2.5% of Taiwan's total population but represent 20% of the workforce in Asia Cement. That demonstrates the commitment to workplace equality. The judging panel acknowledges Asia Cement's efforts in helping employees develop steadily and happily, make progress in self-realization, grow together with the company, contribute to the community, and support families. All these makes Asia Cement a model of best employer.

Asia Cement has been sparing no effort in building a workplace of happiness in all aspects. It provides excellent remuneration and benefits packages, including a starting salary higher than the industry standard and a comprehensive promotion system. Additionally, Asia Cement establishes various bonus schemes based on employee performance, overall company profits, or to encourage energy conservation. In terms of benefits, Asia Cement takes the daily needs of its employees into consideration, offers child birth subsidies and education scholarships, implements a Trust for Employment Stock Holding for as long as 25 years, and provides other insurance benefits for sickness and injury. Moreover, with employee assistance programs, travel subsidies, sponsorship for various social clubs, and a comprehensive well-being program that covers employee’ physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, all members of Asia Cement can feel that the company has been and always will be their strongest support. Even throughout the challenging three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s dedication to all employees remains no less.

Asia Cement adheres to the belief that "investing in the health of employees makes the greatest profits for the company”. The company provides not only free health check-ups that are above regulations but also various fitness activities, first-aid trainings, and health seminars for all employees. Furthermore, medical personnel are invited to station regularly to provide consultations and professional medical advice. All these considerate measures have made Asia Cement recognized by the Health Promotion Administration and awarded the "Badge of Accreditation for Health Promotion” at the beginning of this year.

Asia Cement is not confined to traditional industry norms and has been actively undergoing digital transformation in recent years. From workplace safety management, mining technology improvement, quality screening of raw materials to cement product dispatch, the company continues to apply digitalization and smart manufacturing to become a leading smart factory in the cement industry. On the other hand, it has introduced digital technology to enhance efficiency in talent recruitment, development, and retention procedures and utilized big data for analysis and management. Asia Cement commits to its continuing investment in AI technology, talents cultivation, and leadership in R&D innovation in the cement industry to promote development and transformation.