The 2nd "Inspiring Life Film Festival" ended successfully

Asia Cement has received positive feedback on the screening of the documentary last semester and hence has organized another series of screenings in collaboration with Spot-Link Cinema, a renowned documentary production team in five elementary schools in Sin-Cheng Township and Bsuring Township. We played an NHK Japan Prize-nominated film, Call Me Wild Child – Hunting, to help the young audience understand the hunting culture of the indigenous people from different perspectives. The five-day event has attracted more than 250 teachers and students.

The production team has adopted techniques used in reality shows to depict how children from the cities spend their week in the woods, overcome their fears and eventually complete the challenges under the leadership of Uncle Hsiao-Ma of the Bunun Tribe. They experienced the essence of life contained in the hunting culture.

During the seminar after the screening, Uncle Hsiao-Ma also appeared with a Qiang flute, an instrument made by the Qiang ethnicity, to share the ethological nature of the animals with the children. One of the teachers mentioned the inclusion of hunting culture in the curriculum this semester. The screening of the documentary enabled the children to sympathize with the emotions of the animals and to truly love the land in which human and animals coexist. This not only enriched the original curriculum but also deepened and widened the inheritance of the indigenous culture.

TSAI, Yu-chi, Manager of Public Relations of Asia Cement, hopes, via the documentary Call Me Wild Child – Hunting, to pass on to the children the true essence of bravery, the philosophy to life, and the strength of Mother Nature. Asia Cement will continue to provide resources in various forms like classes and activities in order to hold hands with the children of the tribes and build a path for them to develop a broaden, warm and empathetic mindset.
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